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Vespa Black Custom

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Vespa PX Black Custom

Vespa PX black custom superlow 150cc. Fork shortened by 50 mm compared to the standard PX fork, PK BGM Pro SC SPORT shock absorber adjustable in height and continuously 195mm + 205mm. Rear tire 130/70 - 10 with 4 inch wide rim which includes a heavy duty 23mm aluminum ring in the middle of the CNC manufactured rim developed by Scooter & Service in Germany.

To mount the rear tire it was necessary to move the motor housing by cutting it by about 15mm, compensating for it with an aluminum spacer ring on the opposite side of the cut, in order to move the motor to the right to perform the operation it was necessary to remove the piston and cylinder and the re-adaptation of silent blocks. The rear shock has consequently been moved to achieve better performance and be aligned without modifying the body using a two-piece structured aluminum adapter and spacer with dovetail connection and + 15mm adjustable locking screw manufactured by Silent Scorpion of Crazy Monkey Development in Germany.

The front drum has been replaced with a disc brake drum manufactured by Grimeca.
The paintwork and body modifications were done by Style Car in France.